James Boone Family Dynamics Coaching

James Boone, Family Dynamics Coach

Jim Boone, Family Dynamics CoachingHi, I’m Jim Boone, and I am accountable for Family Dynamics Coaching, Teens and Young People Coaching for Full Potential Life Coaching, based in Neptune, NJ. I absolutely love coaching families, teens and young people and here’s why: When I was growing up, I always knew there was the possibility of having families live a life beyond what’s ordinary, which means having everyone in the family be empowered in their lives, and what they’re up to at all times. It means that communication is important in those families and everyone’s honored for who they are as individuals, as well as for what they provide as members of the family. Now, as an adult, I’ve had the training to, not only create that for my own life, but also to be able to coach others to have an extraordinary life, which is what I’ve always wanted.

Looking at it now, what I see is that all families would love to have that kind of life. But where do you go to learn the techniques to live in such an exceptional way? I believe that the basic techniques and processes that I’ve developed, easily and effectively provide the foundation for living the kind of life you have only ever dreamed of.

These techniques get their roots from the plethora of training I’ve gotten over the years, which includes everything from traditional counseling to some of the most advanced, and highly-researched coaching technology on the planet. It started with my own personal experiences with traditional counseling as a young person and as a teenager. Then, through my education as a graduate of the Curriculum for Living at Landmark Education, and as a coach for their world-class leadership program I learned cutting edge techniques in coaching, and the ability to communicate and to listen in a way that leaves everyone empowered and honored. At Landmark Education I was also the team leader for the progressive family division, responsible for the creation and successful delivery of the Landmark Forum for Teens, which consisted of managing a team of highly-committed and effective coaches. I’ve also been educated as a professional empowerment coach at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), which trained me in traditional coaching techniques, and energy leadership.

In addition, I had the privilege in 2008 to be a facilitator for Challenge Day, an experiential program for teens that provides them with the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth, and full expression (featured on the Oprah Show in 2006).

Here’s my commitment to you as your family dynamics coach. You, as a parent, will get to experience parenting as a real celebration of who you are, without the stress and contention that’s so evident in most ordinary families. What you will learn by being trained by me is that the powerlessness that parents experience comes from collapsing the distinction “parent” with all of the other requirements of raising teens and young people. For example most people collapse being a parent with being a mentor, or collapse parent with disciplinarian, parent with coach, or parent with friend. All of these different distinctions are required to produce a great relationship between parent and child, but being clear about each one, at any given time, leaves everyone involved clear about the relationship, and what is expected of each person. In the process, your young people and teens get the ability to grow up being who they are naturally. They will learn the ability to be heard and understood, and the ability to communicate with their parents, teachers and other adults in a way that leaves everyone at the source of power, freedom, and full expression.

The combination of an empowered parent with an empowered young person or teen produces an incredible family dynamic, rarely found in ordinary family life. In essence, what I do is coach teens and young people, and provides the training for their parents to raise them as completely responsible, independent, and successful people, while maintaining an environment full of love, peace, and joy.

Jim is the Family Dynamics, Teen and Young People Coach for Full Potential Life Coaching. Click Here to visit the Family Dynamics Page.