Relationship Coaching


Intimate Relationships Coaching

The area of “Intimate Relationships” is one of the most important in people’s lives and for good reason. Are you committed to having the relationship you have always wanted with your spouse or significant other? What would life be like if all of the romance and passion you ever wanted was suddenly available to you? Has your relationship shifted over the years? Would you like to bring that spark back like it was when you first met? What would your life be like? It may be hard to even imagine this, but it is very possible.

Social Relationships Coaching

Social Relationship Coaching is perhaps one of the most intriguing forms of coaching that exists, as life is, in and of itself, the sum of one’s own relationships with those around them. A good relationship coach will help the client see what is good and necessary for them to make lasting relationships that enhance the quality of their life, as well as the lives of those around them. Or perhaps helping those who need to recognize the damaging effects of relationships that cause negative impacts. The coach can help the client develop the skills they need as a person to help them see WHY they need to look for relationships that foster growth and avoid the ones that hinder it. Relationship coaching is NOT counseling per se, but rather skill building and self recognition that the client may need in order to be part of a happy relationship.

Friendships that are built on mutual love, compassion, integrity, and fun are all just part of what people experience in taking on coaching in this area. You gain the ability to contribute and make a difference for those around you, even those you may not know, as well as the comfort and confidence to meet new people and foster new friendships anywhere with anyone.

A further value in this area is the ability to be absolutely honest with people, not only in what you say but in how you act. This has the effect of creating an expanded level of freedom in being able to be you.

Scheduling and Prioritization

The area of “Relationship” is a very wide area in that we have many relationships but often do not see them as such. We have relationships to family and friends for instance, but we also have relationships to strangers, to money, to fear, to ourselves, etc. So to be clear, in this case the type of relationship coaching we mean is around interpersonal relationships. This can include working relationships as well as personal relationships.

Denise Mandeau is a Relationships Coach for Full Potential Life Coaching. Click Here to visit Denise’s Bio page.

Jamie Cicerelle is a Relationships and Divorce Coach for Full Potential Life Coaching. Click Here to visit Jamie’s Bio page.