Finances and Wealth Building Coaching

What would life be like if you could stop worrying about money? What if your retirement plan was fully funded? What if you had the income to take trips when you want, live where you want, do what you want? Life would be so peaceful and fun that most people would not believe it.

Well, we are not a financial institution! There, we said it up front. We are not concerned about how much money you make or don’t make. It matters to us only in as much as it creates for you a powerful outlook on life. In researching this topic, we found it almost overwhelming to find one person or company on the Internet that truly can be called a coach. There are, however, many out there calling themselves coaches that are in essence financial advisors, brokers, or at best, consultants and counselors.

Full Potential Life Coaching is none of those. We are a “Life” coaching company and we are dedicated to having life work for every one of our clients. We are committed that our clients live full lives filled with satisfaction, freedom, peace, fun and happiness. If that means having you be inspired and moved to take on your finances, then that is what we mean. If it means supporting you in developing a plan that works for you, then we mean that too. If it means you have a vision of how you want your life to be in the area of finance and retirement, and it is not that right now, but you are willing to explore what is preventing you from realizing your vision and goals, then we are for that too.

We are not about telling you how to make more money. You know how to do that or know where to go to know that. We are not here to tell you where to go to get more money or who to talk to to have your retirement plan work for you. Our commitment is to support you in realizing what is in the way of you doing and having what you want, and challenging you along the way.

Simply put, we are not here to tell you anything in the area of money, but to discover with you what it is that you have not discovered yet that will have you be as wealthy as you want to be.

Denise Mandeau is the Finances and Wealth Building Coach for Full Potential Life Coaching. Click Here to visit Denise’s Bio page.