Health and Well Being Coaching

Health and well-being. It means different things to each person and this is why they call it personal training. Have you tried numerous times to take your fitness, health, and well-being to the next level and it slowly wore you down? Do you start time and time again but after seeing little results get discouraged? Perhaps just the thought of starting is stopping you dead in your tracks. Do you know why the health and fitness industry generates billions of dollars every year? Do you know how many people die every year from health and weight related issues? Can you see that knowing that makes absolutely no difference for many Americans? So what is the problem?

It lies in the old saying, “A person that keeps doing more of the same thing expecting a different result will surely lose his mind.”

You go to the gym. You exercise. You diet. You read a book or perhaps watch a video. You take on working out with friends. You do everything you can do, and in the end, has it made the kind of difference that has you feel confident it was all worth the effort? The kind of difference that is going to have you be Healthy and Happy For the Rest of your Life? The overwhelming answer that most American people come to is NO. If it were yes we would not be where we are today.

Then what is happening that things are this way? Before you can have personal training make any difference for you, there is a step everyone either forgets or just does not know exists – Personal Coaching. Notice, I did not say Personal Training. That’s right, they are two completely different things. This is one of the best kept secrets in the sports industry. Did you know that the top athletes have a physical trainer that helps them to do the exercise but the elite performers have a personal coach that helps them to stay focused on wanting to exercise. From Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan, this is the way elite performers bring that tremendous talent and ability into focus when the pressure is on. Can you remember seeing a top athlete in one of those truly incredible pressure-packed situations? Did you ever say to yourself “that was incredible” when they did the impossible? Think about what you are actually being inspired by. It is never just the act that is inspiring you, it is the ability of that person to accomplish that impossible act while the pressure of the situation is on. Inevitably, it is not the difference between a “Normal” person and a “Super” person, it is the difference between a “Human Being” and “Being Human.” So, when it comes to fitness, the bottom line is: To be the most effective and dynamic “Human” you can be you have to be the most powerful and inspired “Being” you can be.