Is Coaching For You?

What Is A Personal and Professional Coach?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the subject of coaching is “Sports Coach.” Although coaching has its roots in this type of coaching and at times uses some of the techniques, personal and professional coaching is very different fron “Sports Coaching.” First and foremost, our coaches are your partner and inside this partnership a coach truly takes on your goals and objectives like their own. Our coaches help you to create a clear vision of the possibilities and outcomes you want to produce; a clear vision of what life would be like when that outcome is achieved and a plan to achieve it. Then, a coach works with you, challenging and supporting you to achieve those results. But unlike a consultant whose main concern are the results that are or are not produced, a coach guides you in seeing what is “Blocking” you from achieving those results. In this way, a coach is much different than a consultant whose primary responsibility it is to identify what is missing “For You” and “Tell You” what that is. This is because a consultant is paid to “have the answer” to the situation. A coach has the overriding belief that “You the client and only you have the answer” and is paid to ask the right questions that allow you to see it for yourself.

Why Do I Need A Professional or Personal Life Coach?

No one “needs” a coach. People who are committed to producing breakthrough results in life seek a coach voluntarily. The real question then becomes, why choose coaching? The answer unfortunately is not as simple as the question. This is because every human being on the planet has different needs, goals, concerns, commitments and lives. Geographic area, cultural and sociological factors play a part in affecting the choice to seek a coach. In the end, it is because of all of these things that a person would work with a coach.

Some people know clearly what it is they want for themselves and their lives. They work with a coach to have what they are committed to become a reality. This can be any area from your personal or professional life. Maybe you would like to quit working for someone else and start that business you have always dreamed of but never quite found the way to do it. Perhaps you would like to expand your work relationships or become more successful in your career. Maybe you would like to take on your health and although you have done everything you could think of, including hiring a fitness coach, you just never seem to find success. Maybe you would like to have closer, more meaningful relationships inside your marriage, your family or friendships. Or maybe you have no idea what it is exactly that you want but you know there is something more for you. No matter what coaching area you choose, our coaches can make the difference.

Is Professional Coaching like Therapy or Psychology?

Coaching is not therapy or psychology. Therapy and psychology are methods used by health care professionals to help people deal with mental health issues. Our coaches on the other hand, partner with healthy people who are able and committed to producing breakthrough results in life. Although some of the “Blocks” that a person discovers during the coaching process are past based, a coach only helps to distinguish how those blocks impact the overall outcome. Usually through the coaching process the client will become aware of the impact of the “Block” and this is enough for the client to move on and powerfully “choose” not to let that block stop them. If, however, it continues to be an issue that disrupts the coaching process, the client may be referred to a health care professional for counseling, after which the client can move forward into the coaching process.

Why Choose Personal and Professional Life Coaching?

In the world of proliferating “Self Help” seminars, courses, books, tapes, videos and other forms of media, it becomes hard to choose which path is best for you and take action that could potentially make the difference in your life. At Full Potential Life Coaching we clearly understand the dilemma that is faced by people who are committed to taking on their lives. Inside of the plethora of choices, sometimes it is harder to make the “right” choice because of the fear of making the “wrong” choice.

We want to assure you right now that you cannot make a “wrong” choice no matter what coach or coaching company you choose. We are committed that all people achieve their visions and goals.  And, no matter what coach or company you choose, we are sure you will produce results. However, the results you produce will be directly correlated to the coach and coaching company you choose. So why do we feel that your experience with Full Potential Life Coaching will provide you with the results others will not?

The answer lies in our business model.

First, we are a “Transformational” coaching company. We believe that all people are capable of achieving incredible results in every area of life and that there are “blocks” that limit a person’s ability to achieve those results. At Full Potential Life Coaching, our coaches are trained in cutting-edge, state-of-the-art coaching techniques that are designed to produce “Breakthrough” results that empower our customer to realize incredible achievements in the areas to which they are committed.

Secondly, most coaching companies have a limited amount of coaches and specialties, or have only one coach that covers all aspects of life. Our company is a “Coaching Specialties Practice” much like a medical specialties practice. In a specialties practice, the coaches have a larger set of resources that they can draw from to provide the most valuable and impactful coaching available to our customers. Although all of our coaches are fully qualified in all areas of coaching, unlike other coaching practices, our coaches specialize in and are masters of various specific areas.

Since coaching is based on you and what you want to achieve, devolving coaching into a “cookie cutter” approach, as many other coaching companies and coaches do, usually fails to produce the intended results. Because we tailor the coach and the coaching process to you and the areas of life you are committed to working on, we believe we eliminate the drawbacks of the “cookie cutter” approach to coaching and deliver extraordinary results. Also, because we are specialists, when you come to Full Potential Life Coaching you can achieve all of your goals in one area and move on to another area. You can choose to partner with the coach that specializes in that area or choose to stay with the coach you have come to know. In any case you can be assured you are getting the best of the best. At Full Potential Life Coaching you have the choice. For a better understanding of the Vision and Mission of our company visit our About Us page.