Spirituality Coaching

Have you been looking for something or someone bigger than yourself? Are you searching for some ultimate answer? Have you always known there was a higher power out there or in you? Maybe you have always been sure that there wasn't. Sound like you? Read on. We can say that this is one of the most challenging and rewarding areas we coach in and it is not for the faint of heart, mind, soul or body. It is a rare and powerful opportunity to produce whatever you have always wanted for yourself, your life, and your world.

Spiritual Awareness in nothing less than the awakening of one's spirit or Self.  Also known as "Self-Awareness" or "Consciousness," it is nothing less than the moment of being fully awakened into a "Present" state of "Being." It is the first step in Enlightenment.  In this "Present" state you come to the center of your Self. This awakening or awareness allows you to view your life as beginning and ending with you. You are the source of everything you experience, everything you do, and everything you have. You are the creator of all the aspects of your life, including your environment, your relationships, and your belief system. Without you, your world would cease to exist.

It is a context of "Integral Resolve" and, as such, there is no evaluation of right or wrong, good or bad, it is not the truth. There just is you and your Self. It is an empowering view that gives you the ability to have a say in your own life and gives you access to the next step in Transformation. 

You cannot create yourself and your life anew without taking personal "Responsibility" for who and where you are right now. Responsibility is not blame, guilt or fault, no evaluation of right or wrong. In responsibility there is no judgment or morality, there is only the power of being responsible and taking 100% ownership of the outcome.


This is the beginning of the Full Potential Life Coaching methodology.

Be clear about yourself and your commitments. (Integral Resolve)

Share those commitments with others. (Creation)

Take actions consistent with your commitments and the words you shared. (Authenticity)

Own the results. (Responsibility)